CHS – Chabad Hebrew School – Youth Education

Dear Parents,

Education has been the key to Jewish spirituality, as well as a cornerstone of our survival for thousands of years. By educating the young, we help ensure Jewish continuity.

The Curriculum
Through Ann Arbor Chabad’s Torah Enrichment Program, your child will acquire the valuable skills of Hebrew reading, writing, and comprehension.

Beyond learning these basic skills, your child will begin an educational adventure into the world of Jewish values, traditions and customs. We will teach your child about Jewish holidays, the basic prayers, and the history of our people. He/She will then be able to develop a picture of the broad spectrum of Jewish living.

At Ann Arbor Chabad ‘s Torah Enrichment Program, our curriculum is based on a philosophy of inclusiveness, unity, and acceptance.

The Instruction
Your child will benefit from a close relationship with his/her teacher. We, as educators, are committed to ensuring success in your child’s educational endeavors. Our enthusiasm and devotion to education will give your child a love and appreciation of his/her heritage.

In addition to myself, several other teachers will work with your child, all of whom have extensive experience in this field, as previous camp counselors or as teachers in Detroit and New York.

Four different class sections will be offered to match your child’s skill level. All classes will be held at Chabad House.

Do not delay, register today. Your child will thank you for it! Best,
Esther Goldstein.

All classes meet on Sundays please contact us for exact time and dates.

Aleph Bet Enrichment
This section, designed for pre-schoolers (ages 3-1/2 to 5), will offer arts & crafts, stories, and songs related to the weekly Torah portion.

Beginner Section
This section is designed for children with minimal knowledge of Judaic and Hebrew studies.

Intermediate Section
This section is intended to serve children with a moderate knowledge of Hebrew.

Advanced Section
Children with advanced knowledge of Judaism and Hebrew studies should opt for this section.