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Lulav and Etrog Set
Pickup Sunday Oct. 12 6:30 – 9:30 pm
@ Chabad

Quantity $41.50

Chanukah Items:

Tin – Candle Chanukah Menorah
Dimensions:10″ L X 3″ H.

Quantity $2.25

Traditional Chanukah Candles
These classic Chanukah candles comes 44 per box.

Quantity $2.25

Colorful Plastic Dreidels

Quantity $0.75

Shipping Details:

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Please include the blessing and time schedule for
lighting the Chanukah candles. FREE

Ship my item (s) for $4.75 anywhere in the US.  (3-4 days delivery time)
Service not available with Lulav and Etrog

Please deliver my item(s) to my campus dorm for $2.00 .
( this option is only available for those who live in the U of M dorms )

I will pickup my order at the Chabad House 715 Hill St for $0.00 .

I would also like to make contribution to the :
Chabad House at U of M holiday drive

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