Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon, the communal gathering that follows the Shabbat morning prayers, is a traditional opportunity to mark joyous events and life cycle occasions within the community. A birthday, anniversary, or Yartziet are all events commonly honored at the luncheon, as well as baby namings, graduations, and other opportunities to give thanks in the company of family and friends. Chabad of Ann Arbor offers Sponsorship of our Shabbat Kiddush as a formal “Shabbat Luncheon.”

At the conclusion of Shabbat morning prayers, just after noon, the congregation gathers to say the blessing over the wine (“Kiddush”). The week’s Sponsor has an opportunity to speak about the event for which they are sponsoring the Kiddush, and is welcome to say a few words about the Torah portion of that week, an upcoming Jewish holiday, or another Jewish topic. (The Rabbi or Rebbetzin will be glad to help the Sponsor prepare their remarks.)
Clicking here you’ll see a list of several months’ worth of upcoming Sabbaths, in both English and Hebrew dates. The green boxes indicate Sabbaths that are available; red boxes indicate Sabbaths that are already sponsored. Click “Reserve,” and you will see a form to fill out including your contact information and the event for which you are sponsoring the Kiddush. An email will be sent to the address you enter to confirm your reservation. That’s all there is to it!
A typical Kiddush at Chabad includes 25 – 45 people, plus friends or family whom you would like to invite to join us. Kiddush Luncheons for 45 people typically cost between $360 – $500. You may make your Kiddush as elaborate you wish, of course, and can augment the suggestions below. In addition, fresh cut flowers for the buffet table add to the Oneg Shabbat (enjoyment of the Sabbath) and are always welcome.
5lbs cold cuts
3 sweet kugels
2 or 3 quarts cucumber salad
2 or 3 quarts potato salad
1 quart vegetarian liver
2 or 3 quarts cole slaw

4 / 2lb rye breads
2- 1lb challas
6 twisted challa rolls
3 chocolate covered marble cake
2 lbs cookies

Paper goods, plates, cups, forks, knives,napkins, 9 disposable tablecloths

4 bottles drinks
1 bottle wine
1 bottle grape juice

Veggies for a salad i.e. tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded dole lettuce
2 sabra dips


Keep in mind we can help you arrange these details if necessary.

HECHSHERS (Kosher certification symbols) Please make sure ALL products are “OU” Pareve (a U with a circle around it) or “OK” Pareve (a K with a circle around it), Kof Kay, or Star K.
Acceptable Hechshers also include: CRC; Badatz Jerusalem; Chug Chasam Sofer; Bnei Brak Rabbi Landow. Please consult the Rabbi or Rebbetzin with questions regarding Kosher certifications.

Also, please note that all non-meat Kiddush items must be Pareve, not Dairy. Hechshers for Dairy items usually include a capital “D” nearby. A “p” next to a hechsher refers to its acceptability for Passover, and is not an indication of Parve status. Items will occasionally be marked “Parve” next to the hechsher.
An option for your Kiddush menu is to patronize the Jewish stores in a convenient cluster on Greenfield near Ten Mile in Oak Park, Michigan. On the east side, in the Royal Plaza, is a Zeman’s Bakery and Unique Kosher Carryout. On the west side is the One Stop Kosher Supermarket. Alternatively, it is possible to buy everything for your Kiddush menu right here in Ann Arbor. For example, Kroger’s carries packaged cakes by the brand “Green’s from Brooklyn.” Costco carries Aarons cold cuts, Bartenurah wine, Sabra dips and Avacado salads.

Please arrange to bring all items to the Chabad House on the Thursday evening or Friday before, no later than early Friday afternoon. Contact the Rabbi at 734-995-3276 or email click here so that everything can be arranged in accordance with Sabbath requirements.

We ask that you allow yourself time to assist us in preparing the platters of food then, to simplify preparations on the Sabbath morning. If you wish to use special tableware, please purchase disposable plates, utensils, etc., and bring them, unopened, at the same time as the food items.

Chabad House of Ann Arbor thanks you for your interest in becoming a Kiddush Sponsor. We look forward to sharing your Simcha or commemorative event with you!

PLEASE NOTE: ** all food items must remain IN CONTAINERS and UNCUT. Vegetable and fruits must be purchased WHOLE. All washing and cutting of fruits and vegetables, and all slicing of desserts, kugels, etc. should only take place at the Chabad House using the House’s kitchenware. Wine should remain CORKED until it is served at the Kiddush. The Rabbi or Rebbetzin will be happy to consult with you regarding preparation of the Kiddush.