Come celebrate the Passover Seder at Chabad!
Enjoy a festive, homemade meal, with new and old friends.
Experience the true meaning of Passover, transcend time and space and leave Egypt with our ancestors.

Do only orthodox people participate in the Chabad Seder?
Absolutely not! In fact, the majority of our participants are either reform, conservative or just Jewish.

What should one wear to the Seder?
Clothes!!! You are free to dress in whatever you wish, although most people will be wearing business casual attire.

How long does the Seder generally last?
We usually spend about an hour to an hour and a half reading and discussing various parts of the Hagadah.
Then, we follow with the Matzah and a delicious, festive meal.

What types of food will be served?
Everything from Gefiltah Fish to Chicken soup, Potatoe Kugel, Chicken and much much more! Plus, almost all the food served is homemade!!

There is a seat waiting for you at our Seder table…

You can also place your reservation by calling 734-995-3276.