Sinai Scholars

Earn to Learn!
Chabad at University of Michigan is proud to offer Sinai Scholars an 8 course program.

Sinai Scholars is an organization that supports Jewish learning on college campuses across the country. Sinai Scholars provides generous stipends to students who complete the course.

All Sinai Scholars classes are held once a week, in the evening, at Chabad House.This Sinai Scholars course is called “The Core.” It is an 8 week course and the objective is to explore core elements of Jewish thought, literature and practice. What we are aiming for is to explore some of its core elements; core to Judaism, and core to us—modern Jews in the 21st Century.

Hear what previous students are saying about Sinai Scholars:

“Sinai Scholars is an absolute must.”
-Alex, Class of 2020

” Whether you grew up in Jewish schools or are starting to learn for the first time, this class has something for everyone.”
-Julie, Class of 2017