Chabad House Study Center

T.E.A.C.H – Adult Education

Torah Education At Chabad House
Chabad offers a full range of exciting and rewarding classes in Judaism. Classes are offered to everyone and no prior knowledge or background is necessary. All levels welcome. We invite you to join us. There is no charge for the classes and are open to the public.
Private individual classes are also available upon request!

Note: Class schedule subject to change

Sunday 10:30 AM
Tanya – Jewish Mysticism – Kabbalah
A study of the spiritual stature of the Jew and the relationship between his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attributes; the Creation of the world and man’s place in the cosmos; and G-D the creator, as the essence and living force in Creation.

Sunday 8:00 PM
Weekly Torah Portion
An overview into the weekly reading of the Torah portion, taking lessons in our lives today, with a Kabbalistic perspective.

Monday 10:45-11:45 AM
Jewish Law
Learning the deeper meanings to the Jewish way of life.

Tuesday 8:30 PM
Weekly Torah portion For Women:
Reading the bible may be easy, but understanding it is no simple matter. A study of the original text with classical commentaries.

Wednesday 9:00 AM
Jewish Philosophy – The Meaning of Life
An in-depth study into the prayer book, an overview of the weekly Torah reading, from a Jewish perspective.

Wednesday 8:00 PM
Parsha ’n Pasta
Enjoy delicious pasta while delving deeply into Jewish philosophical topics and issues in Judaism.

Thursday 7:00 PM
Challah Baking
Learn how to make your own homemade Challah.

Thursday 8:00 PM
Talmud Study Group – Jewish Civil Law
A study of the original Talmud tractate Bava Metziah chapter 3

Saturday 1/2 before sundown.
Mystical insights to the Torah

Saturday 1 Hr. before sundown (For women)
Learn more about the mystical dimensions of the Torah
Laws of Shabbat – Jewish Ethics
Study group code of law for Shabbat, and study of Jewish Ethics.