Donate in- kind
Chabad’s Wish List

Chabad House requires, in addition to monetary donations, numerous, more specific areas in which merely money will not suffice to meet our needs. You can choose to contribute, more specifically, a non-monetary donation. Listed below are some of the areas that Chabad needs for improvement. If you are capable of performing such a mitzvah, from the list below, your “tzedek”-ness will be greatly appreciated.

The Chabad House has several plans to remodel, rework, and maintain the grounds surrounding the facility. These include structural changes for the walkway, an upkeep of the bushes and trees and possibly remodeling of the hill below the building.

The synagogue is in constant need of new chairs and tables for the sanctuary. In addition, custom bookcases to shelve our ever-expanding collection of siddurim and other books will also be greatly appreciated in large quantities.

Paper Goods
Chabad House provides countless programs in which food is involved. These events range from weekly Shabbat dinners to holiday celebrations. Other educational programs also serve refreshments.

Security System
As the old adage goes, “A safe synagogue ensures a safer torah” Either actual monitoring equipment or the provision of a monitoring service will greatly ensure our safety.

Like most community-oriented institutions, Chabad prints en masse, brochures, flyers, and packets on a weekly basis for current and upcoming programs. Oftentimes, these brochures would be greatly enhanced via color printing.

If you can donate in any of these fields, please contact us.

Please remember
that although Chabad graciously accepts all donations, items such as shabby, old dining room furniture does not really help Chabad House. Fixing, restoring and/or maintaining our equipment, furniture and programs at Chabad often has an additional service cost. Thus, antiquated donations often hurt more than help the general cause. (In particular, computer-related donations should be rather up-to-date, as obsolete equipment can not further our goals very well).